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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

I have serious mobility restrictions due to muscular dystrophy and have been wheelchair bound for several years now. Until recently, I could walk a few steps without too much risk of falling down and could get into my vehicle to travel to work and back. However, due to progressive nature of the disease, continued and steady wasting of muscle fibers in lower limbs has left me completely dependent on wheelchair now. As such, it has become a nightmare to get into the vehicle and have been searching for a wheelchair accessible vehicle to make my travel between home and work a hassle-free affair, since these two places are otherwise completely accessible.

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Software Freedom

September 18 is the day of software freedom, celebrated by people around the world who believe in the four basic freedom aspect of software — freedom to run, study, change and distribute copies with or without changes. It is the result of the techno-political resistance movement led by Richard Stallman (RMS) who is credited with launching it in 1983 by founding the GNU project. Continue reading ‘Software Freedom’

Plans for a Sustainable Community

  • The most important aim of our sustainable community is to recreate the human support network which was the greatest advantage of our old joint family system, but faded away with the advent of nuclear family. We want to bring it back to suit modern day living where freedom and execution of one’s free will assume paramount importance.
  • Secondly, help people to plan and setup necessary physical and occupational infrastructure to manage one’s own old age, the responsibility of which was once believed to be that of our offspring, but fast disappearing nowadays with several old parents left physically and emotionally lonely to confront their destiny.

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