People ask me about career prospects in our company. I thought, I will add a page about opportunities.

Concerning job opportunities in our company, please be aware that we deal with academic journals with a lot of math content. If you are not averse to math notations, formulae and equations, we have several kinds of job for you:

  1. document processing, creating electronic deliverables
  2. copy editing
  3. graphic processing
  4. developer
  • The first one needs graduate level science background, standard keying skills, eye for typography, inclination to learn TeX language which is known to have a steep learning curve.
  • The second item needs masters level science background and English language skills. The job involves reading research articles and editing the text for better comprehension.
  • Third one, as it indicates, needs a flair for graphics.
  • The last item needs good programming skills in TeX, XSLT, and related areas.

We do impart training needed for all items of work (except the fourth one in which case, the candidate should have necessary skills), but the incumbents should convince us that they have enough potential for the job.

If you like any of the above, please contact GS Krishna with a resume in PDF format.

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  • I came to know about River Valley Technologies very recently.

    Also the hard work behind it. Its amazing. Hats off to you, CVR!

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