Monthly Archive for July, 2010

Ten Years in River Valley

On July 17, 2010, we had a small function in the afternoon to honour twenty six of our staff members who have put in more than ten years of service in this company. They were presented with mementos, granted extra increments to their salaries and several staff members felicitated them. The occasion was graced by Prof KSS Nambooripad (my mentor and guru), E Krishnan (my mathematician friend), Kaveh Bazargan (my partner in business and friend) and Lindsay MacLeod (publishing consultant from UK who visited us during this period) and delivered brief felicitation speeches. I too made a small speech although I could not make it as I was too emotional to talk. Here is what I intended to say.

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Plans for a Sustainable Community

  • The most important aim of our sustainable community is to recreate the human support network which was the greatest advantage of our old joint family system, but faded away with the advent of nuclear family. We want to bring it back to suit modern day living where freedom and execution of one’s free will assume paramount importance.
  • Secondly, help people to plan and setup necessary physical and occupational infrastructure to manage one’s own old age, the responsibility of which was once believed to be that of our offspring, but fast disappearing nowadays with several old parents left physically and emotionally lonely to confront their destiny.

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