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Write registers in TeX

The io registers in TeX are often a matter of severe limitation. When we try to typeset a document that loads a lot of packages, it becomes a non-trivial task to satisfy register requirements of various packages that compete each other. Continue reading ‘Write registers in TeX’

Plain TeX and TeX4ht

If you try to generate html version of your plain TeX document using a combination of pdfTeX and TeX4ht, you will find terrible mismatches and html version will not be generated. Continue reading ‘Plain TeX and TeX4ht’

How to fill the rest of the page with horizontal rules?

This was a posting in the texhax mailing list of TeX Users Group. Among all, Phil Taylor s solution seemed to be the best. I have extended to fill arbitrary vertical remaining space in a page in the following manner:
Continue reading ‘How to fill the rest of the page with horizontal rules?’