Biblatex 2.3

You might have noted that biblatex has been updated to version 2.3 and the documentation documentation says:

If an entry in the revision history states that a feature has been improved or extended, this indicates a modification which either does not affect the syntax and behavior of the package or is syntactically backwards compatible (such as the addition of an optional argument to an existing command). Entries stating that a feature has been modified, renamed, or removed demand attention. They indicate a modification which may require changes to existing styles or documents in some, hopefully rare, cases.

This time biblatex does not have any modification or removal requiring changes to TeX4ht packages. The revision history says:

  1. Better detection of situations which require a Biber or LaTeX re-run
  2. Extended auxiliary indexing macros
  3. Added csfield and usefield
  4. Added starred variant of usebibmacro
  5. Added ifbibmacroundef, iffieldformatundef, iflistformatundef and ifnameformatundef
  6. Misc bug fixes

Apparently, nothing seems to affect the functionality of TeX4ht. However, I did a thorough re-run of all the example files provided with the biblatex bundle to see if all files generated HTML output comparable to corresponding PDF output and, indeed, it did. As such, I can confirm that TeX4ht is fully compliant with the newly upgraded version 2.3 of biblatex.

The test suit is available here as a composite tarball.

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